5 Must-Haves for your Baby Shower

The key to a successful baby shower is as simple as this: good food, and even greater decor! But with endless options to choose from, and that nagging desire to ensure your baby shower is as beautifully unique and practical as possible, we have put together a list of five must-haves that will hopefully save you some time and stress!

  • Gender Reveal

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no denying that gender reveals have become the new norm in the 21st century. And for good reason! Not only are they a perfect way to collectively reveal your little one’s gender to all your friends and family, they are also a super exciting and fun way to expose the secret everyone’s been waiting patiently for! Some great ideas for gender reveals include the following:


A simple and easy way to reveal your baby’s gender. Every guest receives a card and opens them all at once on request! There are many gorgeous cards you can purchase in the forms of diapers, ducklings, onesies/rompers, and more!


Balloons have become a go-to for gender reveal parties, because you can conveniently fill them with different coloured confetti to represent your baby’s gender when they’re popped! How fun? It’s also a super cute activity to share with your partner - you can both pop a balloon and reveal your little one’s gender together!


What better way to reveal your baby’s gender than by cutting into a deliciously made, color-coordinated cake? And what’s better? You and your guests get to enjoy it afterwards!

  • Personalized Glasses / Milk Bottles 

What’s cuter than a baby shower with personalized decor? A really creative and fun way to spice up your event decor is with personalized wine glasses or milk bottles filled with goodies! Personalized phrases could include things like “It’s a girl!” or “Katherine’s baby shower”, and are a great way for guests to feel included and immersed in the event. And what’s better? They get to keep the glass as a wonderful memento of the celebration afterwards!

  •  Alternative Baby Guest Book Box

Allow your guests to write you and your newborn messages of love, health, happiness, and prosperity! An Alternative Guest Book Box is the absolute perfect way for guests to provide their well wishes and advice. It is a great way for guests to feel included and immersed in your shower, as well as knowing they have left a message that can be kept for you to share with your baby in the years to come!

  • Baby Shower Games!

As well as ensuring everything runs smoothly at your shower, it’s also important to make sure your guests are genuinely having fun and feeling entertained! Baby shower games are a great, fun, intimate and inclusive way to get your guests interacting and ‘in the mood’ for a wonderful shower. Some fun ideas for games include getting your guests to ‘guess’ or write down a baby name that they think would be suited to your newborn, and the person who guesses/suggests the closest name to what the mom-to-be would choose wins a prize! Another fun idea is a game of ‘Would she rather?’ where guests are given a list of ‘would she rather’ questions and are required to choose the option they believe the mom-to-be would most prefer! For example, a question might be, ‘would she rather sleep in in the mornings or go to bed early at night?’ or something generic like ‘would she rather post photos of her newborn on Facebook or Instagram?’. The lighter and funnier the questions are, the better!

  • An Epic Cake

Whether your guests eat it or not, a cake is an absolute necessity for your baby shower. Not only does it make a statement and celebrate your special day in the best way possible, it’s a chance for everyone to come together and focus entirely on you, your partner (if you have one) and most importantly, the beautiful bundle of joy growing inside of you. It’s also a delicious addition to your shower’s menu, and it gives guests something sweet to end/ break-up the celebrations with. Be creative! The cake can be the most exciting part of the shower if you make it! Think of all things baby-themed and make a cake out of one of them! Your guests will be impressed, and you’ll have heaps of leftovers to take home or give away.

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